Swachh Bharat proven technology for organic wastes of SWM sl no 10-proven techs Ecopots.




(Affordable kitchen garden with composting - why pay for high cost chemical[ pesticide] loaded vegetables? )

This is a revolutionary invention for eliminating toxic, smelling organic waste with increased food & Oxygen, and reduced CO2- minimizing global warming. It is revolutionary because:

1. Organic waste feeds roots of food giving plants for fast growth, not burnt, not land filled.
2. It grows multiple plants in the same pot- more O2 & food.
3. No organics sent to landfills saving transport, collection, processing and monitoring men & material costs (millions) with no extra processing carbon foot prints.
4. Increases home Oxygen - free for a safe home, city, and global environment
5. Trap CO2 as plant’s carbohydrates, reduce global warming.
6. Cities are the places most humans will live and reversing eco damage for cities is a must soon.


Pot with Grooves, a stem support
Pot with support
Plant and waste chambers
  Method Of Use ( Just dump & cover the waste with 1 inch soil )   Fill soil in Plant part and seed / sapling Germinated.  

Ecopots -garbage eliminator Video


Pots-parts & USE :

Pot has a Groove for the separator and a stem support .Seperator is fitted in the pot to make plant and waste (compost) chamber. Fill Plant part with garden soil and insert the plant/seed of the needed vegetables plant. Put 1inch of soil in the waste part bottom and Dump the organic waste into the waste chambers. Cover the waste with 1 inch of soil.

Water the plant part alone. Soon the waste decomposition sets in and you can have more layering of compost. Roots pass through holes in separator, take up the nutrients and plant grows faster . Plants are effectively fed in the roots , not on the surface of soil. Theplants flower and give needed vegetables . A series of pots can create sequential composting for many months of use.So no organic waste goes to land fills.There is no smell, pots can be kept indoors.Each pot is 12 liters - 7 for waste,5 for the plant.
How many pots ? 20 or more can be used.You can keep the pots in balconeys, roof tops, rooms, on the ground. The floor space may be compactly spaced for plant width.Water only the soil of plant part. Relayer waste in compost part, as it lowers and cover it with soil again. After harvest , pull out, crush the old plant and compost in a pot with different plant species to avoid pests.The soil is sun dried for 1-2 days( pest removal) and reused .
Costs: AFFORDABLE UNDER Rs. 4000 for a kitchen garden only, for 20 pots
How many plants in a pot?: Varies with plant .Multiple plants can be used, tall species with smaller plants (seeded later )can be used.
What plants to be used? your local leafy vegetable , fruit, flowering plants can be planted on advise of local horticulturist . Depending on the plant height, growth speed , climate & season, the needed plant can be selected
Pests: flowers bring insects to plants.Pests can be rduced by usual non pesticide Organic practices and also species change/ rotation.Take help of your local horticulturist.
How many layers of composting?.Till the life of plant, compost with many layers- but always cover the waste with soil. As long as the waste is decomposed - when there is a fall in waste layer surface add waste and cover with soil. 3-5 layering can be done.
How to hasten composting? Organic Waste can be mashed and filled in compost chamber. All other waste can drained of water and composted.
Our Plastic pots Vs Earth pots;
Earth ( mud) pots are burnt-CO2 added to air. Earth pots break in tranport, handling and is heavy. Plastic pots last long, light weight, easy to handle, recyclable- safe for mass production and years of use Composting ( kitchen garden for all) and simutaneous planting is our invention. Safe, recyclable Plastics alone are used by us. Our pot is UV stabilised for years of use.
All homes generate large volumes of organic waste that puts a big challenge to all Municipal waste collection, transport and disposal. A family wastes 200gm -2kg /day. The collection, carrying, dumping, processing is a smelly costly unhealthy affair. Govt spends billions as waste budgets. Why not convert this into a big asset that grows vegetable @ home with a yield of free vegetables (now costing high). Millions of homes can create more millions of vegetables with millions of CO2 trapped as plants. The wasted plants after vegetable harvest can be re-composted too using Nitrogen, Phosphorous Potassium (K) of plants. The plants keep homes fresh with O2 and coolness. So there is wealth, food, home cooling, and CO2 decrease in this.
EXISTING TECHS: All organic waste is now wasted in all land dumps. Some is used for manure farms, most as land dumps. - These seep in to soil with more water toxicity, foul air, mosquitoes, rabid dogs –a public health problem. These are massive high investment unsatisfactory polluting and money wasting methods. Now, grow food giving plants from large organic waste from vegetables fruits, meat eatables, these are now disposed off by waste collecting costly government collection.

All houses have roof tops for small plants &climbers- beans, snake gourd, etc. These are 6 months crops. Indoor lighted window areas also help plants grow faster in our pots too. All houses, flats have margins of roof tops, sit outs that can have 20-30 pots of 1 feet diameter, each day- a pot gets the waste and composts for vegetable growth. Ornamental plants, flower plants can be grown too. In one and half years you get the cost. Cost of coolness, O2 is free. The cost of municipal collection is also reduced.
Do you need special skills? No. In 5 minute you can learn to compost. Water only the plant part. Compost part just keep moist (faster composting). In 1 month, harvest your vegetables. By 3 months you know what plant. Agriculture needs no big skills, only care, right plants for that season, fair soil & geographic area. Seeds from reputed companies yield more. Don’t use your Hybrid plant seeds -may not be effective – for next crop. All can compost, grow more vegetables, in all tropical &sub tropical countries.
Validation: Chennai Corporation - My ladies garden april 2013- june 2013

Waste Dumped
Waste covered with soil 1 inch
Seeded - small plant
Waste level decreased - after 5 Days
3 week old
6 weeks Flowers

Why this Invention?; Earth’s sources are finite, recycling alone can keep it live eternally. 7 billions peoples now, 9 billions by 2050 - where is the Oxygen for humans, vehicles, power plant and other living matter? O2 decline will hit our kids, elders, asthmatic, heart patient’s health more. Oxygen is generated by only plants of land and sea. CO2, SO2, NO2 increase is at the cost of oxygen.Plants alone can convert CO2 into O2, with carbon fixed as glucose derivatives.No machine can reduce CO2 without added energy and added pollution.Machines shift pollution, not reduce pollution. If all humans can create more plants ( create more O2) for our living and power&vehicles, other farm plants can replenish O2 for all other animals.So all homes have to create more O2-cheapest by our pots that use organic wastes for plant. This is eternal carbon& oxygen recycling with no other polluting chemicals. It is not CO2 alone but decreasing O2 that can kill off humans & other lives.Non -fossil power and vehicles are far off, but plants are easy to farm.This alone saves planet earth fast . Next 5 years are crucial for O2 regeneration. Plants alone can dispose of CO2, create more O2, trap water and avoid sea rise if massive plant numbers are increased with added food. Our pot reduces massive feriliser need! After all NPK of dead plants is used up by the new plant!
Benefits of our composting pots:
1. Home: Simple 5 minute smell.3. small area needed (20-40 square feet). 4.multiple plant growing. 5 Free air freshening, healthy and more oxygen levels.6. reduces food @ home 8.Cools homes & reduces A.C need.9. Use many pots, create your Roof top garden @ low cost too. 10.Pays back in 1 year on food & Oxygen.
2. Nation: City air improves- more O2, coolness, less dust. 1. No more waste smells but flower smells 2. More bees, birds. 3 Green look 4. Organic waste collection costs are now small – big savings. 5. National vegetable prices may reduce and become stable. 6.More food security.7.Less stress, crime & more happiness!
3. World: Global green house warming reduces. Sea, land animals can survive eternally(Oxygen). Lesser ocean level rise, if globally we raise millions of plants. Lesser forest land conversion.

Central Waste collection Vs total home organic composting :

If all homes, segregate and compost all organic waste, grow plants with our pots, there is no need for waste collection, transport diesel costs, landfill costs, and manpower cost.Only non -organic waste can be collected by the government once in a month - saving costs.There is more food secuity for nations and lower global warming.The waste collection cost can fund home garden with large cost savings.
You can easy eliminate organic wastes now. No turning of smelling wastes. Direct composting and feeding roots of plants is our invention -not feed the topsoil as in normal pots.

AWARDS : we have prizes for this invention: 1.CIPET runner up.2.DST LOCKHEED                      MARTIN GOLD MEDAL.3.MUNICIPALIKA 2012 INNOVATION AWARD.



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