About Us

We work on eco- safe and environmental damage reversing technologies needed for today’s life. Our technologies help to reverse global warming and improve environment.

We work on health, food, energy and environment problems of growing human population and create unique patent worthy technology solutions.

Earth’s resources are finite and may last for countable decades now. The longer living multi billion human population makes huge demands on Earth’s limited resources. In this process air, water, land gets damaged, often irreversibly. We have global warming, affecting all countries.

So we need low polluting, low energy technologies that can reverse the eco-damages. Earth will bounce back, if humans do not further tamper with nature.

We need to remove CO2, most pollutants and add oxygen for eternal life on our earth!

We can make Earth last for eternity for all humans, flora and fauna. Why not make life simpler, safe for all humans with lower demands on Earth’s depleting resources?

We like to assist environment interested organizations and work for eternal happiness in a safe earth.

We are releasing our patent filed ecofriendly easy composting pots that allow plant growth and composting in the same pot.

Many other eco-solutions will follow later.

These are our awards for composting pots.