Our Eco friendly patented DPI inhaler helps asthmatics even kids, to inhale deeper for effective lung deposit. It generates a novel air jet for drug powder spray creation.
Our easy composting pot is world’s first compost and planting pot. Our patented pot transforms all organic home waste to compost in weeks and also allow plants to grow – an easy organic farming!

We are thinkers and dreamers of a better eco-friendly tomorrow. We are inventors, developing new products that could help save lives, bring eco-damage control to ever increasing environmental pollution and providing solutions for the energy problem.

We are aware of the fact that our Earth’s resources are limited and hence our products are created with low-cost, low-energy, least polluting inputs. We take advantage of the infinite potential of innovation, and produce a product that is not only original but smartly simplistic.

If you are earth friendly, or if you have a passion to bring about a revolution along the lines of inventing eco-friendly products, feel free to contact us! We are more than happy to hear from you!

Our team comprises of engineering, environmental and health invention capable experts. Our solutions are novel with huge benefits and low eco- demands. We have won prizes too.


Our awards includes WagonR smart ideas contest 2011.DST - Lockheed Martin 2012,CIPET2012.
In future, our other eco friendly technologies in food, health and energy will benefit all nations. We hope to preserve this Earth for eternity.
Awakening nations to plan and reverse global warming is our priority. We can assist and partner for your low eco demanding technological needs .